Week 5: Wacky Water Week

It’s time to cool off with some water fun.  Who’s the fastest on the inflatable water slide? Let’s find out!  Better watch out, we’ll all get sprayed at the splash park!  

July 2 - 6


Water Slide at school
Hanna Park Splash Park
Sunshine Park Splash Park


Week 8:  Fun with Mother Nature

Summer is a great time to get back in touch with nature.  Let’s start at Tree Hill Nature Center and learn about local Floridian wildlife. Tuesday takes us to Castaway Island where we’ll catch real crabs and walk through the trails.  We’ll take a break to cool off halfway through the week at the movies, then head over to Plant Ranch Nursery for a behind the scenes tour.  We’ll end the day with water fun at Hanna Park Splash Park. What fun!

July 23 - 27


Tree Hill Nature Center
Castaway Island
Summer Movie
Plant Ranch Nursery
Hanna Park Splash Park



Week 1:  Let the Games Begin

Time to leave the school year behind us and gear up for summer! There will be new friends as well as familiar faces. Join us as we head out and kick off our summer right!    FUN is our top priority! After a long, hard-working school year, we deserve some good, old-fashioned fun.  This week, we’ll reunite with old friends, make new friends and set out for a summer full of adventure. We’re all excited to get the summer started, so hop aboard this ship that’s setting sail – full speed ahead – towards Summertime FUN!

June 4 - 8


Pump it Up
Adventure Landing
Hanna Park Splash Park

Week 9:  First Coast Sports

Let’s wrap up the summer with plenty of fun and games.  A trip to Jack Russell Park so we can play volleyball sounds great!  Let’s go visit our awesome Jaguars at Everbank Field during training camp.  Bring something to get autographed, we’re sure to see some of our favorite players.  A trip to the movies sounds good after all that fun in the sun, then let’s play some golf with our old and new friends at Top Golf.  


July 30 - August 3

Volleyball at Jack Russell Park
Everbank Field
Summer Movie
TopGolf (pending)

Week 4:  Summertime Fun 

Let’s go have some good old fashioned summertime fun!  We’ll put our skates on and hit the rink.  We’ll try our hand at bowling, who’s going to get a strike?  We’ll cool off and kick our feet back at a summer movie.  To finish off the week, we’ll get wet at the splash park! This is true summer fun.  

June 25 - 29

Skate Station
Bowl America
Summer Movie
Hanna Park Splash Park


Camp Intercoastal 

Summer Camp 2018

Week 3:  Fun, Fresh Food

This little camper went to market… no little camper stays home! This week we’re taking trips to our local grocery stores.  We’ll get behind the scenes at some of our favorite places to purchase fresh, healthy food.  Our friendly grocers will be sure to hand out lots of yummy samples for us to try. Which one was your favorite? We like them all!

June 18 - June 22

Fresh Market
Lucky’s Market
Trader Joe’s

Week 6:  River City Transportation

Hop on, we’re going for a ride! Let’s explore the River City.  We’ll take a tour by water taxi along the St. John’s River and learn all about the riverfront.  We’ll head over to the JTA station to learn about public transportation​ and catch a ride on the monorail.  At the local airport, we’ll get to see all sorts of planes taking off and landing, and get a behind the scenes tour. On Friday, we’ll end our week with a trip to the splash park! Wicked fun.  

July 9 - 13


River City Boat Tour
JTA Transportation Tour
Craig Air Center
Hanna Park Splash Park 

Week 7:  Around the World

This week is all about food… in other countries! We’ll explore the Netherlands and get some donuts at Krispy Kreme.  We’ll get a taste for Mexico at Castillo de Mexico Restaurante’… Ole!  At our trip to Sweet Pete’s, we’ll learn from the Swiss about fine chocolate making… and make our own candy bars!  Lastly, we will see what true Italian food is all about on our trip to Maggiano’s Little Italy. 

July 16 - 20


Krispy Kreme
Castillo de Mexico
Sweet Pete’s
Maggiano’s Little Italy

Week 2:  Surf, Sand & Sun

Take us to the beach! We need to feel the salt air in our hair, and sand in our toes. This week, we’re making stops at the best beaches in North Florida.  We will be shell hunting, building sand castles and catching some rays… the ONLY way to really enjoy the summer sun!  Don’t forget the sunscreen, a beach towel, and your favorite shades! Let’s see who will find the most shark’s teeth.

June 11 - 15


Atlantic Beach
Vilano Beach
Summer Movie
Jacksonville Beach
Amelia Island Beach